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personal information:  born in 1962
living and working in Gleisdorf, Austria

mobile: +43 680 1181116

My inspiration is curiosity

At the beginning of each picture I always face a great challenge. It's an expedition to the inside, following the inner emotions,combining the thoughts of the head with the emotions of the heart.

The spiritual and emotional vibrations work together, overlap and combine with each other to a snap-shot. The finished picture, which has a certain emotional potential in itself , is waiting for the next development of the theme.
It's waiting for a new creation from a different perspective, in another light.
That what I've achieved is a step on my artistic journey, but never an aim .
„Being ready“ doesn't exist, only a permanent sharpening of the senses.

I try to express what I experience, what I live to see, what I feel: impressions, the world of senses, of the spirit.
The reality that I reproduce , is gradually reduced, where I don't want to express specific details, omitting irrelevant details.

In my pictures you can see an element of clarity, and of linear exactness.
I love the linear. The line is in nature: the rectangle, the square, the circle.

Each painting is a brick to my life story, which will rise over the years..
All, that is shown in my pictures, is a part of me. The most important thing in my life is curiosity. I have to explore everything,acquire everything. For me painting means being in an inner, well balanced equilibrium , in which also moments of melancholy are allowed....

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